How Investing in Gold Saved Me From Financial Ruin

Me and my wife
Me and my wife

My name is John and I am 59 years old. I’m married to my wife, Samantha, and we have two beautiful children- one of which is now in college. I grew up in a small town in South Carolina and started working in the automotive industry in my twenties where I would experience great success in the coming years, receiving many promotions. My life had a modest start and I built myself up to reach great heights of success over time.

Like any financially responsible person, I understood the importance of saving for retirement and doing all that you can to secure your financial future. I always took great care in investing my money in the right places and generating an increasingly stable retirement fund as the years went on.

Growing up in the South in the early 60’s, my parents always instilled in me the need to be fiscally responsible, pinching pennies and saving whenever I could. Throughout my youth, I made sure to always save a little of my earnings; I treasured the feeling of securing a comfortable financial future for myself one penny at a time.

As I worked my way up the corporate ladder, I became more and more financially stable until I was generating an annual income of around $60,000 per year that would steadily increase as the years progressed. I married and had a family and the financial demands of daily life made it more difficult for me to save as much as I would’ve liked. Still, I managed to put a little away each month. As careful with my money as I felt I had remained over the years, I couldn’t have been prepared for what came next.

 Dollar Collapse
Dollar Collapse

The Dollar Collapse and the Beginning of a Nightmare

Everything changed with the arrival of the economic crisis. When the dollar collapse occurred, nearly everyone saw their overall net worth go into a downward spiral- myself included. That wasn’t the end of it either. Along with a plummet in net worth came the fall of the stock market and housing prices. Worst of all, in my case, my retirement holdings were all but wiped out completely.

Years of effort to save for retirement and secure my financial future and standard of living seemingly crumbled before my eyes. I became terrified of not only running out of money for my own retirement but for my wife’s retirement fund as well. I began to worry that we wouldn’t be able to make ends meet and that I would no longer be able to support our children to the degree at which I always had.

Prior to the dollar collapse, I felt fairly financially secure. My family and I were far from living in luxury but we were comfortable. We rarely worried over the bills and were even able to take regular vacations. Money was flowing in steadily and the right amount was being saved when possible. Then, suddenly, I found myself questioning what I would do. The secure financial future I had been working towards suddenly seemed impossible and the path ahead of me was dark and uncertain.

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Investing in Gold

In a panic, I began researching all of my options, determined to pull my family and I out of a crippling financial situation. No matter how hard I tried to find a solution, however, the overall state of the economy seemed to mean an endless amount of obstacles.

One Saturday morning, I met with a childhood friend of mine at a local coffee shop to reminisce about simpler times and discuss our plans for the future. I ended up ranting to him about my financial plight in a simple effort to relieve some of the stress. It felt like I was holding the weight of the world on my shoulders.

After I had explained my current financial situation to my old friend, he began to tell me about his own financial strategies. Though he grew up in the same town as me with a virtually identical socio-economic background, he seemed unworried in regards to his retirement plan. I could sense his confidence and recognized it as the same financial security I had once had but lost.

I had to know what his secret was. I began to ask him about his IRA and it was then that I first learned about the power of gold investment. As it turned out, my friend had protected a good portion of his portfolio by investing in physical gold and silver. By investing in gold and silver, he gave his IRA a boost, making it more robust to stock market volatility and financial crisis situations like the one I found myself in. It was time for me to research the subject for myself.

Investing in Gold, Financial security
Financial security

Securing My Financial Future

I knew very little about gold investment when I first started looking into the subject with much of my knowledge coming from the aforementioned conversation with my friend. I found myself wondering whether or not gold could really be that useful in times of economic crisis. I was surprised and pleased with the information I found.

When comparing gold price results in previous time periods of economic crisis, the value of gold actually increased by figures ranging from 1% to a whopping 7% all while the stock market plummeted. While I was instantly more open to the idea of investing in gold, I was still fairly skeptical. After all, what benefits could the decision to invest in gold really offer me?

With a little additional research, I found my answer and the results were enough to convince me to transfer some of my IRA holding into physical gold. So what really convinced me and what was the outcome of this financial decision?

First, let’s take a look at some of the benefits I experienced when investing in gold:

  • Physical gold is in limited supply which means it is consistently increasing in demand
  • Store of value
  • Hedge against both inflation AND deflation
  • Hedge against the declining dollar
  • Diversification and overall protection of my portfolio

After making the decision to transfer some of my IRA holding into gold, I am confident that I made the best possible decision. Today, my IRA is much more secure, diversified, and robust to stock market volatility. In the event of an economic crisis similar to the one that nearly wiped out my retirement holdings, I feel prepared and secured.

I no longer worry that I won’t be able to support my family and my retirement savings are on the right path again. I honestly wish I had heard of precious metals investment much earlier than I did but I’m so happy that I know what I do now.

Investing in Gold
Investing in Gold

Take the Steps to Secure Your Financial Future Today

Unfortunately, there are so many that don’t know and it’s now my fellow citizens that I worry about. There are many signs that an economic collapse is imminent today and I only wish more people knew about the financial security and confidence they could gain by investing in gold. That’s why I’m writing this now.

If you want to avoid the panic I felt when all of my retirement holdings were nearly wiped away, you need to take the necessary steps to educate yourself about gold investment. But where do you begin your research?

Luckily for you, I have created a FREE video series that can help you learn everything you need to know about transferring your retirement account into gold.

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If you value your financial future and want to be free of unnecessary worry, I encourage you to watch it. Take your first steps down a path to complete financial security today!

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